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Advocacy and judiciary are
the wings of justice.

We are committed to the principles
of fairness and credibility.


Years of Experience

Welcome to RAK:

Founded in 1987, Your Premier Legal Partner with Decades of Experience

At RAK, we are your dedicated team of legal professionals with a wealth of experience drawn from diverse legal institutions and bar associations. Founded in 1987, our multicultural and multilingual team doesn't just act as legal representatives; we serve as trusted advisors, guiding you on business, economic, financial, and administrative matters. Our expertise, built over decades, lies in offering professional advice and services rooted in a deep understanding of the laws and issues that matter most to you.

Areas of Practice

At our office, you'll find a dedicated team of seasoned lawyers and consultants representing a spectrum of legal institutions and members of bar associations. With a multicultural and multilingual approach, we're attuned to our clients' needs, offering more than just legal representation. We act as trusted advisors in matters spanning business, economics, finance, and administration. Our forte lies in delivering professional counsel and services rooted in a genuine comprehension of the intricacies of both issues and laws.

  • Corporate
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Investment Funds
  • Intellectual property


Embracing the Legal Profession as the Sentinel of Rights, the Vanguard of the Rule of Law, and the Defenders of Justice. These Are the Unwavering Pillars of Our Judicial Legacy, Stalwart as Virtue, as Ageless as Justice, and as Essential as a Stronghold.


Championing the autonomy of the legal profession is the cornerstone of upholding justice. Drawing from our wealth of legal and professional experience since 1987, we pave the way for a robust and principled professional journey.