We have highly specialized consortium team and legal consultants in companies
affairs  and  operations  (Joint  Stock  companies,  Limited  liability  companies,
Investment  funds,  Joint  ventures,  Partnerships,  Proprietorships);  formation  &
registration of new companies & branches for overseas companies in Sulta nate
of  Oman,  Follow  up  all  procedures  for  establishment  of  those  companies  with
concerned  authorities  (MCI,  OCCI,  CMA,  MSM,  Ministry  of  Tourism,
Municipalities and MDSRC, as required);
   Drafting and reviewing of all types of contracts, such as contracts of technology
transfer, companies and registration of companies.
  Privatization and joint venture agreements.
  Intellectual property, trademarks and patents.
  Regulations of world trade organization, taxation and customs.
  Petrol, gas, Petrochemicals and energy.
  Formation of investment funds and companies.
  Arbitration and other alternative means for settlement of disputes and making
of guaranteed compromises that safeguard the rights of our clients.
  Provision of legal consultancy
Corporation service head :   Mr. Rajab Ali Al Kathiri
Mr. Mohamed Abdurahman Mohd.
Mr. Gaafer Ismail
Mr. Vivek Chandran
Mrs. K. Parveen banu
Mr. Rashad Ahmed
Mr. Khalid Khamees Ali
Executive Secretary :    Mrs. Muneera Al Ghammari
Ms.  Sumayya Al Azri