• RKAL Corporate Department is set up in line with the international standards in response to the rapidly growing demands of its clients as well as major project sponsors in Oman and the region.
  • RKAL provides a broad spectrum of corporate work, including the registration and formation of all types of commercial companies and equity fund, starting by preparing the consecutive documents and any amendments thereof , and follow up all procedures for establishment of those companies with government and non-government authorities.
  • Concerned authorities (MCI, OCCI, CMA, MSM, Ministry of Tourism, Municipalities and MDSRC, as required) Plus advising clients in takeovers, M&A, complex joint ventures, privatization disposals and corporate restructurings.
  • An ever-changing area, RKAL help corporates to minimize operational and regulatory risks and provide them with on-going, up-to-the-minute advice.
  • We provide advice to our corporate clients on the legal issues which most regularly impact their businesses.
  • Our specialized lawyers offer advice on domestic and international corporate issues including corporate law, sector-specific regulations, and relevant listing rules.
  • The business environment is full of agreements between businesses and individuals. While verbal agreements can be used, most businesses use formal written contracts when engaging in operations. Written contracts provide individuals and businesses with a legal document stating the expectations of both parties and how negative situations will be resolved. Contracts are also legally enforceable in a court of law. Contracts often represent a tool that companies use to safeguard their resources.
  • In today’s complex business environment, having a basic understanding and appreciation of contracts agreements is critically important. Too often, lawyers see a disputes arise because there are no contracts agreements between the parties, or the contract is drafted in a way that could lead to dispute. RKAL Corporate Department knows the importance of drafting and reviewing the terms of contract agreements. The department lawyers have great experience, and provide expert results in both drafting and reviewing all types of contracts agreements.
  • Provision of legal consultancy.

The corporate and arbitration department is headed by RKAL founder, Mr. Rajab Ali Al Kathiri, and a team of specialized experts, consisting of:

Mr. Gaafer Ismail
Mr. Elmurtada A. Mahgoub
Mr. Vivek Chandran
Mrs. K. Parveen banu
Mr. Rashad Ahmed
Mr. Khalid Khamees Ali

The corporate department is assisted by the department Executive Secretaries:

Mrs. Muneera Al Ghammari
Ms. Sumayya Al Azri

To achieve integrated litigation service, the litigation department has a collection of bibful debts section, studies and legal publications section, follow up and Judgments execution section, in addition to the department lawyers.

RKAL provides legal services on the most pragmatic legal solutions in dispute resolution. RKAL guide its clients to determine the best relevant manner in resolution of their litigation. The resolution of specialist industry disputes, whether in civil or intellectual property, commercial, criminal, labour, or marine administration, insurance or financial services, often requires specialist knowledge and a range of skills, which RKAL’s team achieve through business knowledge and diverse experience in litigation.
RKAL litigation lawyers have built a reputation for excellence among clients. The lawyers as are known for using a pragmatic approach based on thorough, front-loaded preparation to gain expedient, financially optimal results in a range of civil litigation matters.
Most of the litigation department lawyers are authorized to appear before the Supreme Court, the highest court in Oman.
Debts Collection Section:
- The office has been established on the concept and principle that the needs and requirements of the client should be met. This is the aim and objective and has become the method of the office.
- Debts collection section, therefore, represents one of the main objectives. The office has achieved remarkable success in collection of debts of major clients who are pioneer in their field of business.
- Our office has developed steadily and has become a pioneer in the Sultanate and the Gulf area in debt collection services. We have a record proving the same.
The phase after the judgment has been awarded is considered as one of the most important phases. It is the decisive phase of litigation process and for this reason this section was created. It is particularly responsible for the follow up in order to obtain copies of the judgments. In addition it is also responsible for following up execution procedures daily and continuously so as to enable us meet our commitments towards our clients in a satisfactory and adequate manner.
Since the office is keen to enrich the legal library, we have decided to establish a specialized section for legal studies. It started first by conducting legal symposia and seminars. The first was on Oman Labour Law, the second was on insurance and the third was held for administration officers. At present the office is working to produce some publications, such as:
Printing some of laws which are of interest to our clients, e.g.:
- Civil and commercial procedures law.
- Criminal procedures Law.
- Labour Law.
Printing of part one of Forced execution Explanation.

Commercial cases :   

Mr. Elfatheh Mustafa, Mr. Abdulla Al Adwani, Mr. Bader Al Mahshari

Banking and Finance cases :    

Mr. Elyassa Naseruddin, Ms. Latheefa Al Badrani , Ms. Deepa Thomas, Ms. Farhath Al Zakwani

Criminal cases dealt by :    

Mr. Khalid Rahmathullah, Mr. El Taher Ahmed , Mr. Salim Al Saeedi ,Mr. Mohamed Al Maimari

Executive secretary :    

Mrs. Rania Mohamed Al Amari, Ms. Ziyana Hussain Al Saadi, Mrs. Bahja Mohamed, Ms. Munna Al Wahaibi

RKAL represent public and private sectors clients in national and international arbitration proceedings.

RKAL advise clients on arbitration under a broad spectrum of civil and commercial laws. RKAL arbitrations team are experienced in arbitrating under the rules of all major arbitration institutions and centers, as well as having conducted numerous ad hoc arbitrations.

RKAL advise on arbitration-related issues and accompany our clients through all stages, from the drafting of the arbitration agreement to the setting aside, or enforcement, of the arbitral award. RKAL genuine sector knowledge, commercial awareness and regional sensitivity are unrivalled.

The arbitration department is headed by RKAL founder, Mr. Rajab Ali Al Kathiri, and a team of specialized experts, consisting of:

Mr. Gaafer Ismail
Mr. Vivek Chandran
Mrs. K. Parveen banu
Mr. Rashad Ahmed
Mr. Khalid Khamees Ali

The arbitration department is assisted by the department Executive Secretaries:

Mrs. Muneera Al Ghammari
Ms. Sumayya Al Azri

Intellectual Property (IP) has increasingly become one of the most valuable assets both of companies and individual entrepreneurs. Today, the global economy is characterized by brand names; know how, creativity, information technology and ‘intangible’ creations of the human mind. The establishment, protection and exploitation of IP rights has therefore become one of the most significant aspects of a booming economy, often underlying the success of businesses and industries across entire commercial sectors.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive service relating to the acquisition, protection, enforcement and commercial exploitation of IP rights in Oman. We advise clients on all areas of IP law including:

Copyrights: We represent clients from the entertainment and communications industries, including recording artists, composers, authors, IT companies, advertising companies, software developers and website designers. We advise such clients on aspects of effective licensing and exploitation of their copyrights.

Patents: The Firm’s work in this area is both contentious and non -contentious, and spans all areas, such as trade secrets disputes, advising, negotiating and drafting all types of settlement agreements and patent-related contracts, for example nondisclosure agreements, distribution agreements, franchise and joint venture agreements.

Trade Marks: Our practice covers all aspects of Trade Marks such as registration and renewal applications, licensing, brand protection and domain names.

Dealt by:

Mr. Sebastian K Jose

Mr. Mohammed Rayees VP

Our firm has initiated steps to equip the budding lawyers in Oman and will train them with our experienced lawyers to come out with colours.