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Practice Area

Corporate Affairs

One of the main areas of practice for our firm is commercial agreement advisory. We are a skilled group that handles the negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and amending of all kinds of business contracts. We have counselled corporate houses, start-ups, proprietorships, and other types of business entities from around the world over the years, including some well-known brands, and we continue to do so.

Our work in this field spans a variety of disciplines, some of which are highlighted in the following:

  • Investment agreements with a focus on inter-corporate and intra-corporate loans
  • Joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, share sales etc.
  • Co-founder and partnership agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Reseller agreements
  • Agency, franchising and distribution
  • Management agreements
  • Settlement agreements
  • Standard terms and conditions of sale
  • Supply and distribution
  • Sale and supply of goods
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure
  • Knowledge sharing agreements
  • License agreements

Without sound legal advice, commercial agreements can become unfair. Our firm takes a proactive approach to offering clients the top-tier legal support they need with regard to their business dealings. Providing an exhaustive legal opinion covering all potential issues that might arise in achieving a client's objectives is frequently the first step. Beginning with early stage negotiation, we draft agreements that are specific to the organizational or personal needs of our clients, better protecting their legal rights and privileges. Additionally, as part of the service we provide, we routinely vet and review commercial documents.